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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

How to Make a Felt Raindrops Necklace - No Sew!

what you need:

pretty fabric
ready made chain

cut some strips of felt in different lengths

mine are about 3/4 inch wide

and my longest strip is 6 inches

then cut your fabric into strips to match the felt ones

just make them a little smaller =)

we want a small, felt border at the top & bottom ends of the strips

next, fold your strips over & glue the top n' bottom up - like above

now you should have lots of pretty drops!

Arrange the drops untill you're happy with the design,

then grab your awl and punch a hole in the tops of your drops

it's much easier to punch holes in felt, which is why we left the border earlier on =)
once all your drops have been punched, glue the tops of each drop together.

you should have a channel for your chain to slip through =)

an easy way to get your chain through,

is to thread a needle & pass it through the channel you made

making sure to keep hold of both ends of the loose threads

then hook your thread around a link in your chain.

push the needle back through the hole,

and holding both ends of your thread, pull & the chain will follow through =)

You're finished!


I made these in the same way, just using heavy weight cotton instead.

the felt version is sooo much easier though! =D

I hope you had fun & learned something new!

happy making ma loves =)

see you soon!

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  1. very nice! i can see how these could be addictive to make :)

    1. thank you Andrea! they really are =D and so quick too! x

  2. thank you for doing some new-sew things :] When I have proper materials I might try it!

    1. aww you're welcome Claire (^_^) i'm more of a sewer than a sticker, but on this project - it sure speeds things up =D

      thank you for stopping by xx

  3. Replies
    1. thank you Wilma (^__^) happy you like it! xx

  4. So gorgeous! Love the different variations of the drops :)

    What A Bloom is national Canadian floral company that has awesome flowers at great prices! They can make pretty much anything flower-related for example Easter Flowers See for yourself!

    1. thanks! me too, the possibilities are endless =D xx

  5. Cool. I have so much scrap fabric that I hate to throw out but didn't know what to use it for. This is a great idea!

    1. Hey Jamie =)

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!
      It makes good use of small fabric samples too =)

      You have a beautiful Blog (^__^) love the craft community pin board idea - will definitely be joining in! xx

  6. I have just found your blog via a link that I found on Pintrest... I am addicted and I have only been on here for 5 minutes. I love this necklace so much ;)

    1. Aww cool! what's your Pinterest Username?

      hehe (^__^) happy you like this little place as much as i do!

      thankyou for visiting xx

  7. oh my god ! this is beautiful ! i'd add some pearls in between ! thank you very much ! to the fabric-store thingie !

    1. aww thank you (^__^) hmm..pearls..very interesting idea! hehe =D i LOVE the fabric store thingie - i've just bought some beautiful Kona solids in every colour imaginable =)

      thank you for stopping by! xx

  8. love them,now know what to do with scrap material,thank u

    1. i'll have to come up with more how to's using scraps i think (^__^) seems we all have too many!

      thank you for reading xx

  9. Love the look but when the chain goes through the woven fabric, rather than the felt, how do you keep it from fraying at the hole? Fray Check? Thanks!

    1. Hey there =D hmmm good question! I didn't use anything at all & it still looks quite neat. The fabric i used was heavy weight & the hole for the chain was only tiny - maybe that makes a difference?

      I've never tried Fray Check, but heard it works very well!

      let me know if you try it, it'd be good to see the results =)

      thanks for popping in =D

      Chloe x

  10. This is so beautiful!! am thinking of making it with ribbon

  11. Aww thank you Divya! it would look lovely with ribbon, it would keep its shape very well =) thank you for stopping by!

    p.s nice blog! love the upcycled sun glasses diy =D xx


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Hope to speak to you soon!

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